Pros 29.04.2020 — 13:56 Uhr

Taking stock after seven weeks of crisis management

The board answers fans' questions during a special digital meeting, hosted at the OPEL ARENA.

Schröder, Lehmann, Hofmann and Höhne in the live online meeting.

“Seven weeks of crisis management are behind us,” opened Stefan Hofmann, club chairman and chairman of the board, during a digital meeting in the OPEL ARENA on Tuesday afternoon. He also said that developments have dominated proceedings at the club lately. He, along with his colleagues on the board and chairman of the supervisory board Detlev Höhne, has now provided various insights into the inner workings of FSV Mainz 05. Mainz fans were able to pose questions both before and during the session.

Dr Jan Lehmann began by reiterating the recurring message that has been shared throughout recent weeks. The clubs CFO emphasised that every conceivable scenario will come to the same conclusion; as painful as the situation is for the clubs finances, you can be certain that the club’s plan to save around €10 million guarantees one thing. It “assures the survival of Mainz 05 beyond this summer.” He went on to explain that this is complete independent of games with or without spectators, cancelling the season or league membership. But this was just one of the many diverse topics covered by club chiefs in 70-minute long online meeting.

Proud of “my club”

Practically in unison Rouven Schröder, Lehmann, Hofmann and Höhne underlined the togetherness and solidarity that exists within the club. Waiving of salaries both by players, members of the board and the club’s administration are just as commendable as charity drives and engagement with the active FSV fan scene. Höhne said that the crisis has once again shown him just why he is so proud of “my club”. Yet it is true that the consequences will be felt for a longer period of time. According to the chairman of the supervisory board, the fact thoughts of filing for insolvency are virtually dissipated, is a great achievement and due in large part to the professional work of the board.

Mainz’ sporting director seemed happy with the amount of cooperation. Schröder said that one word has been of “vital importance” throughout the crisis: “trust! Everyone needs to believe that decisions are only taken with Mainz 05 in mind.”

He explained that his hands are tied in regards to additions to the squad, because the budget available to club for next season remains unclear. But he calmed fans’ fears with a clear message; “we’re fortunate that we don’t have to sell any players in order to plug holes.” He didn’t rule out keeping every current squad member on the Rhein for the 2020/21 season. In regards to the continuation of the current season, Schröder remained coy. He reinforced that the politicians have to have the last word, and it’s then up to the club to deal with the challenges and implement official advice. The 44-year-old gave a clear statement on the much-discussed regular testing of Bundesliga players; “should there be any backlog in testing at the expense of the whole population, we would immediately go back on the decision and exercise our veto.”