Pros 26.07.2021 — 09:49 Uhr


Mainz were unfortunate to lose 1-0 to Liverpool on Friday evening. However, the head coach was by no means dissatisfied with the performance of his team, which had seen chances to take the lead and later to equalise.

...but we can do even better

"If you think about how we trained the last few days, it was good, especially defensively. We allowed a few chances in the first half and almost nothing after the break. In front, we had the space and the boys did their best. We lacked the final assertiveness. We want to bring in the players who are still missing slowly and not take any risks. We are satisfied at this stage, but we can do much better," said Bo Svensson after the final whistle. 

After the intensive sessions of the last few days and the endurance test against Klopp's team, the Dane is now giving his squad a day to breathe and gather strength this Saturday. There will be no training on the pitch, the day will be dedicated to well-deserved regeneration.

However, it should not be too much of a rest: And so the reins will be tightened again from Sunday, when the second half of the training camp in Tyrol begins. Finally, on Tuesday evening (6pm), the second friendly against Gaziantep FK with ex-Zerofiver Alexandru Maxim awaits. On Wednesday afternoon, the Zerofivers will return home.

While most of the players can relax today, veteran Stefan Bell will answer the questions of the journalists at noon. You can read the most important statements of the homegrown player later today on

Paul impresses

Meanwhile, some of the Zerofivers are likely to use the free hours to look back on what they had experienced the previous evening. Not least Paul Nebel impressed in the duel with the Premier League club, as he admitted to after the match: "It was an incredible feeling to play against such opponents. It's just nice, but of course it's also a shame that we lost. Overall, we can build on the performance. I tried to give my best. The tempo is of course even higher and it's nice to compete with such a team."

I hope the Mainzers are up for it too

Last but not least, Jürgen Klopp did not miss the opportunity to say a few words to his Mainz supporters when he stepped in front of the microphone after the end of the game and was asked about the imminent return of the spectators. After all, the friendly in Grödig in front of 3,500 supporters had offered a small preview."Great. I can hardly wait myself," said the LFC coach. "I hope the Mainz team is up for it too. The team looks like it's up for it. Bo is up for it and gives the impression that he is really starting to enjoy it now. He's already done a great job without a crowd!"