Pros 11.03.2023 — 20:02 Uhr

"Our performance didn’t deserve much more"

FSV not at their best in Berlin – reaction from Stefan Bell, Leandro Barreiro & Ludovic Ajorque

Stefan Bell: "We have to go to our limit every time."

Mainz had to settle for a point away to Hertha BSC on Saturday afternoon at the Olympiastadion. The FSV players felt it was a fair result after a poor first half performance, which lacked intensity and attacking creativity. Ludovic Ajorque’s brilliant goal after the break was the biggest positive from the day and ensured that a better second half was enough for a draw.

Post-match reaction

Ludovic Ajorque: "Today was a tough game, particularly in the first half when we didn’t get stuck in. We kept our heads up, fought hard and took a point in the end. We have to build on the second half and we will analyse the first 45 minutes. I’m happy with my goal because it got us back in the game, but I’d be happier if we’d won today."

Leandro Barreiro: "We lacked control in the first half. Hertha were more aggressive and wanted it more. They played us at our own game before the break. We said at half time that it wasn’t good enough and we have to step things up. We improved a bit in the second half. My arm was away from my body as I looked to clear the ball with my foot for the penalty. It’s hard to keep your arm close to your body in a situation like that. I only slightly touched the ball and it didn’t change the direction of it. VAR got involved, but I didn’t think it was a clear error. We spend too much time after games talking about the same things, I wish we just had clearer rules. The point is a positive for us today after our improvement in the second half."

Stefan Bell: "I’m pleased with the result because our performance was not good enough to get any more from it in my opinion. I’m not pleased with how we played; we were a long way from matching the intensity of our last game and we were too static. The scoreline at the break was deserved, regardless of how the penalty came about. Hertha did well and had a clear and effective plan. We didn’t win enough duels and weren’t creative enough with the ball. Halves like that can happen against sides who are well prepared for you and we’re not a side who can dominate any given side at any time. The second half was better from us; we had more control and were better going forward. Ludo scored a nice goal, but it wasn’t the kind of game that we could turn in our favour. We’ve managed to put ourselves in a good position in the table recently and have ten games left. We want to perform consistently. This game showed us that we have to go to our limit every time."