Pros 17.04.2020 — 10:12 Uhr

Malaysian football school continues to be a success

Robin Hasenclever, the coach of the international division of the Mainz 05 football school, shares an update on the continued success of the Zerofivers' program in Malaysia.

In addition to offering intense training sessions to the youth, and strengthening the connection to schools and sports programs, the football school was also looking to advise local youth academies and clubs on how to find and develop young talents. Hasenclever visited the training grounds of the Mokhtar Dahari academy, which shares its name with the Malaysian footballing legend from the 1970s. Unlike in Germany, the academy takes on 40 of the best players from each age group and fosters them in a boarding school environment, while also being the home of the country’s youth national teams.  

Hasenclever was able to exchange insights and ideas with the coaches and the head of the academy, in order to initiate and set in motion future collaborative programs.

“The fact that two players who worked with our partners in Germany to further develop their footballing skills were then immediately called up to the national team upon their return is a sign that our efforts are working and that they value the work that we are doing,” said Robin Hasenclever. “The academy’s training ground infrastructure is on par with that at a German youth academy. By strengthening our cooperation in the future and continuing to offer our insights and expertise as a club, I foresee a fantastic future for Malaysian football.”  

A new location 

Naturally, they also spent plenty of time on the pitch as well. In addition to a session with under-privileged children and a day camp with over 80 children in attendance, the football school was also able to open a new location: the REAL School. Along with its 30-year history and its now over 5,000 students, the institution has become one of the most well-respected football schools in the country. Just like the Mainz 05 football school, it seeks to exemplify the values of sustainability and the holistic development of each individual student. 

Overall, the long-time collaboration continues to achieve clear results, with the broad-based cooperation between Mainz 05 and Malaysian football increasingly becoming a high-profile project.