Pros 03.03.2020 — 18:15 Uhr

Mainz 05 against hate, discrimination and intolerance

Statement from Mainz 05 following the events at Bundesliga grounds last weekend

Mainz 05 continue their commitment to respect and tolerance, on and off the pitch.

Mainz 05 have taken a position in the heated open discussion regarding the insults made against Dietmar Hopp during the most recent round of Bundesliga fixtures.

1)   No room for insults

Cosmopolitanism, tolerance and philanthropy are key values for 1.FSV Mainz 05 and are also in our model we have developed with our fans. The adherence to these values leaves no room for disrespectful comments towards other people or groups of people, regardless of the specific event.

It is our duty to fight against all forms of exclusion and intolerance. This applies in particular to the stadium, which despite the rougher tones heard within, is not a place where these values do not apply. Together we are tasked with aligning ourselves closer with these guidelines so that we can be in solidarity with all people who experience discrimination and intolerance.

2)   Respectful interaction and communication

Football unites people, but it also represents conflicting interests. Football will ultimately pursue its commercial interests, but it draws a lot of its support from a broad fan base, which is partly critical of this development. The debate that has flared up recently is an expression of this conflict. Mainz 05 as a club feel that we have a responsibility to remain committed to respectful interaction and communication between the various groups in football. Football cannot exclude the voices of different groups, and the will to communicate and work together should be constantly in our minds. This means that – apart from the insults – we are committed to respecting free speech from all sides. 

3)   Collective punishments are not an option

There is no easy way of resolving these existing conflicts. Mainz 05 do not see the point in employing collective punishments in regard to this issue. From Mainz’ point of view, the usage of collective punishment is a step back in regard to increasing communication between the fans, fan organisations and the clubs themselves. But they also show how hard it is to combat the unacceptable behaviour on display from a small group of fans. That is exactly why we will do everything we can to prevent individual misdemeanours in the stadium and, if possible, employ further sanctions.