Pros 20.09.2020 — 19:03 Uhr

Latza: “We kept our composure”

Reaction to Mainz’s defeat in Leipzig

Poulsen scored Leipzig's second.

When the final whistle went in Leipzig, the hosts recorded a deserved 3-1 victory despite Mainz’s goal early in the second half.  Mainz gave their opponent too much space, particularly in the opening half an hour, and were somewhat lucky to make it to half time only 2-0 down. There was a real improvement after the break, but Leipzig showed why they reached the semi-final of last season’s Champions League. There were positives: The Zerofivers kept their composure after the early goals, as the captain emphasised, and they kept the scoreline respectable, unlike last season.

Reaction from Leipzig

Rouven Schröder: “We played against a Champions League semifinalist with a very good squad. Leipzig played well from the start and showed that they were in control. We tried to stop them, but we didn’t manage it. It was surprising that Leipzig missed better chances than the ones they took. Despite everything, you had the feeling that there was something in the game for us when it was 2-1. We have to make sure that we don’t concede the third goal straight away. In the end, Leipzig deserved the victory. We need to play with more courage and be nastier in duels. We have to give it 100% in every game. It’s down to the players to prove themselves in the next week and get selected to play Stuttgart.”

Achim Beierlorzer: “Leipzig deserved the victory, congratulations to them. We set up to play with two narrow blocks of four, but then there was the misunderstanding that led to the penalty after 15 minutes. That made it really difficult; we wanted to keep a clean sheet for as long as possible and counter well. RB Leipzig played really well, they were technically brilliant. We saw a great improvement after half time – we wanted to be more aggressive in attack. We pulled one back, but that wasn’t enough. We have to concentrate on Stuttgart now, we want to come out on top.”

Danny Latza: “We didn’t have much possession today and we had to deal with that. The frustrating thing was conceding two goals in the first 20 minutes, but we kept our composure and played well after half time. We thought that we might be able to get something from the game, but we ultimately lost 3-1. Stuttgart will be a completely different game, we’ll be playing at home in front of our fans – you could sense today how much fun it is to have such an atmosphere. We need to analyse today’s game and make sure we’re more threatening in attack next week.”

Robin Zentner: “We were poor in the first half and we didn’t have any attacks of our own to relieve the pressure. We lost the ball far too quickly. We were two goals down after just 21 minutes. We did better after the break, we had a new plan that worked better. It was frustrating to go down to 3-1 so quickly – we deserved to lose in the end.”