Pros 30.03.2020 — 12:00 Uhr

Inspiring kids and coaches in Malaysia

The Mainz 05 football school is working to develop youth football in Kuala Lumpur.

The Zerofivers’ very own football school in Kuala Lumpur enjoyed a successful start to its long-term project of promoting youth football in Malaysia. Before the global outbreak of the corona crisis, former Mainz U23 player and long-serving coach in the football school, Marco Tautenhahn, had the opportunity to visit numerous schools, sports facilities, youth academies and football clubs in Malaysia. Thanks to the successful camp in 2019 and the experiences that were gained, the Zerofivers’ football school is now trying to continue inspiring children and coaches with the Mainz philosophy. 

As part of the programme, the club’s focus will be on providing further training for local coaches. Numerous coaching courses and follow up visits in schools and academies are on the agenda. With short, regular visits, the plan is to ensure that the work is being pursued on a long-term basis.  In April, we are expecting the first players and team in Germany. 

"I was able to coach countless kids locally, visiting lots of schools and academies. It’s great to see how competitive passionate the kids were, and how happy they were to learn new innovative training methods. I was especially impressed by how quickly they were able to grasp and learn the different drills and exercises," said Tautenhahn, describing his experience. "We are convinced that we can leave a lasting impression on the development of youth football in Malaysia and we regularly send out our coaches to Kuala Lumpur," added Christof Babatz, Head of the Mainz 05 football school.