Pros 27.03.2020 — 15:53 Uhr

Hack from home

Alexander Hack tells us everything about his new routine, quarantine and cooking in a time of crisis.

Working at home with a view: Hack's house on the Rhine.

It’s been two weeks since Alexander Hack regularly stepped out of his front door. Usually only for his morning jog and the occasional walk along the Rhine. Coronavirus has flipped a footballer’s daily routine completely on its head, but also presents new opportunities. For Hack, this means studying for his sports management degree and donning his chef’s apron.

In an interview with, the centre back gave us an insight into his new routine and told us an easy recipe for you to try at home.

Hi Alex, how can we reach you at the moment?

Hack: At my house, of course! In fact, I’ve hardly left home in these past couple of weeks, except to go running.

How’s your daily routine looking?

Hack: Pretty unspectacular, to be honest. I wake up, go for a run, do some strength exercises and an online lecture. That takes up half of the day. I then might pick up a book or go for a walk, as long as the weather’s nice, which it has been.

What are the online lectures that you’ve been doing?

Hack: I’m doing a sport management degree in cooperation with Mainz 05. The modules are almost all done online. That’s great for me. I’ve still got a couple to do, so I could definitely use the time at home.

You’ve found time to cook as well!

Hack: Yeah, that’s true! I really like to cook. One or two of my teammates aren’t so enthusiastic about it. They’re getting deliveries at the moment (laughs). But I have to say, I’ve cooked at least once per day in the last two weeks.. I’d never expected that of myself.

You made gnocchi with prawns and courgette. Why this particular recipe?

Hack: Not a lot of planning went into it. I prefer to improvise, and rarely follow a recipe to the letter. I had all the ingredients in the house and off I went.

A lot of Thai curry powder as well, meaning the gnocchi is not for the faint-hearted?

Hack: It only looks that way! I love Thai curry powder, I use it a lot and it’s actually not too spicy. I’m not a fan of hot food either. You need to be able to taste something.

How’s training at home going?

Hack: Of course, I can only speak for myself, but it’s going pretty good. We’ve all got our own homework, I’ve got my own mat here to do my exercises. Of course it’s unusual, because we aren’t focussing on the next match. Normally, you have just one or two days to rest, before matchday preparations begin again. That’s missing at the moment, because we don’t know when the league will restart. However, we have to try to keep up our concentration. We need to be ready to go again. We all have a responsibility to keep up our fitness.

Are you in contact with friends in other countries affected by the virus?

Hack: Only in other German states. Of course I’m in close contact with my parents and family in Bavaria. And with my friend Lucas Höler, who plays for SC Freiburg. Baden-Württemberg has put as strict regulations in place as they have in Bavaria. Lucas and his teammates have been told to stay at home no matter what and not to visit their families.

To hear such a thing, you also become aware of what you actually take for granted.

Hack: Definitely. It’s an absolutely unprecedented situation for us all, and I think now’s the time to look inwards and reflect. Also in order to make sense of what’s happened; that the virus has spread through our society with immense speed, an that we all need to do our bit to reduce this spread. Sometimes, I get the feeling that not everyone understands this. So I think it’s a good thing that measure are being introduced, which clearly demonstrate the severity of the situation. For example, the fact that only a certain number of people can go into the supermarket, and everybody else has to wait outside. That’s the way to show everyone how serious this is.