Pros 17.12.2019 — 22:40 Uhr

Beierlorzer: You don't score a goal like that every day

Both head coaches gave us their thoughts after FSV's 5-0 away win over Werder Bremen.

Achim Beierlorzer was very pleased with the performance and result against Werder.

Achim Beierlorzer: “Of course we are really pleased with the result and that we now have 18 points. In regards to the situation, that was needed. We prepared for Werder’s energy and knew that an intense game was awaiting us here. We pressed well; football can be brutal when this happens. They all worked really well in the 4-2-3-1. The momentum was with us after a sensational goal. You don’t score a goal like this every day. At 2-0, we had everything you could hope for. I also know how that feels when you are on the other side. I wish Florian well going forward, you shouldn’t just look at the results.”

Florian Kohfeldt: “Congrats to Mainz on a deserved win. It was a catastrophic performance from us before half time. We have to make sure we turn it around for the game in Cologne. We need to be ready and do certain things on the pitch. We want to finish the year with three points. There is no explanation for what happened today.”