Pros 07.12.2019 — 18:41 Uhr

Beierlorzer: Difficult to live with the referee’s decision

Coach reaction after the game

All the reaction from the managers after the game in Augsburg.

Achim Beierlorzer: “It was an incredibly bitter loss today. We were completely asleep for the entire first half, you have to say that. We didn’t stop any of their runs in behind and they dominated us. That being said we still went ahead with an incredible goal from Levin. It could have easily been 3-1 to Augsburg at half time and if it was and then you lose, you can deal with that, but we fought our way back in to the game. All in all they earned their win, but it’s difficult to live with the referee’s decision for the penalty. I don’t understand why he didn’t go and check it himself, and in the end that decision decided the game. In the future we’ll have to be better in the tackle and make plenty more runs than we did today, that’s for sure.”

Martin Schmidt: “It’s a weird game for me to process as a manager. I’m pleased with the result but not at all pleased with how we played in the second half. We didn’t take our chances well and we’ll have to work on that. We seemed to forget how to get at Mainz in the second half, in the future we need a plan B for those cases, but with 17 points we’re really happy. We’re on a good run.”